Originally from Kent, Chloe moved to London twelve years ago to study Fine Art at university, where she graduated with distinction. Unfortunately, the art world is very competitive and her struggle to 'make it' bruised her already low confidence. She works in South London as a administrative assistant for an architect's firm, a job that pays the bills but which hasn't stopped her from drawing at every opportunity. When ex girlfriend Robyn puts a call out for a cat sitter, Chloe jumps at the chance to escape from London for the week, despite not being on the best of terms with Robyn. Chloe has been single for two years, and is hoping her dating life will improve with a change of scenery. 


Blake moved to Brighton 7 years ago. He works as a teacher and an artist, and is Robyn's upstairs neighbour. The two of them don't always see eye to eye, but he's a positive, laid back guy who likes to see the good in others. It's hard to understand why he has been so unlucky in love, since breaking up with his last girlfriend eighteen months ago... The woman he had just started seeing seems to have given him the brush off, after only two dates. Maybe a dinner suggestion was too much; but Blake wears his heart on his sleeve. He hits it off with Chloe straight away; could there be something there? Or maybe she just sees him as novelty value; she's never met a trans guy before. 


Jade works in PR and moved to Brighton from Cornwall over ten years ago. WIth her, there's no beating around the bush, what you see is what you get! And what you get is a whole load of fun, if you play your cards right. Interests include: women, friends, cocktails, white wine, karaoke and 80s pop music. It all happens in Brighton, baby!


Robyn isn't too happy that her ex-girlfriend is staying in her flat for a week to cat sit, but as she couldn't find anyone else to look after Bobby, what was she to do? Having a cat can be a trifle inconvenient sometimes, but there's a really important leadership conference coming up, and the sessions Robyn is running on public speech could really be career changing. And, well, it's the perfect chance for a romantic getaway with Tammy (did you know the hotel is really exclusive and has a spa?). Robyn is pretty sure that Chloe is still in love with her, and Tammy will probably get really jealous of her staying over, but it's a small price to pay for having her face seen by the right people at the conference - hello, promotion! 


Hannah has known Chloe since their days on the organising committee for their university’s LGBT+ society. She always wanted to be a rock star and plays Bass in her punk band “Terrorising Femmes”, which have a small but dedicated following. As a day job, Hannah works as an auditor for the National Audit office, which continuously surprises everyone she meets outside work. Hannah lives in Hackney, London, with her housemate Stuart who owns a French Bulldog called Daisy. She has been happily single for six months after she decided to break it off with her ex-girlfriend, Alicia, when she felt it was all getting a little too serious for her liking.


 Trina loves living in Brighton, it’s so free and spiritual. She's a birth doula, which is basically a spiritual midwife. She doesn't have children of her own, but being the oldest of six siblings she spent a lot of her childhood around babies. She loves them! But being a doula isn’t just about babies. She is essentially a traveller, who accompanies individuals on their life-changing journey into parenthood. It's about exploring, sharing, guiding and learning, and knowing oneself well enough to be able to empower others. Trina also has her own crystal healing practice above a shop in the North Laine, where she treats all creatures great and small. She is a firm believer in healthy living; yoga, meditation and 2 litres of water a day definitely help keep the doctor – and the wrinkles – at bay! 


Romario is Blake's best friend, and they have known each other for many years. He moved to Brighton from Jamaica when he was eighteen, and that's when he met Emma. At the time, his life was very different, and they have had their ups and downs... But now, they're stronger than ever. Romario is proud to be who he is, and is never shy about advocating for the trans community wherever he goes, and to whomever he speaks to. 


Emma is a born and bred Brightonian, but she spent two years travelling around the world after her break up with Romario seven years ago. Romario was a very different person, then, but when they met up after Emma came back, he was himself for the first time, and they were able to start again. Emma has supported Romario throughout his transition, and she's so glad that he is finally comfortable in his own skin. Blake is a great friend of theirs, and Emma hopes he soon finds the love and happiness that he deserves and that Romario and her share. 


Bobby turned up on Chloe and Robyn's doorstep one morning when they lived in Finsbury Park, and she adopted them straight away. But then Robyn cheated on Chloe, they broke up and Chloe had to move to a random flatshare in South London, so they agreed that it would be best for Bobby to stay with Robyn. Bobby was not overly happy with that outcome, as she never particularly liked Robyn, and her next two girlfriends have always been annoying... So she's thrilled to see Chloe again, even though she may not show it very much. She's a cat, after all.

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